About Qualiflight

Qualiflight Aviation Training (QAT): we are an organization based in Spain and dedicated to the high specialization aeronautical training with a worldwide operation field.

Authorized by the European and national authorities (E-ATO-233), we try to introduce flexibility and low cost philosophy in the competitive aviation world as well as in the high specialization training.

Do not hesitate to contact us to study and design a quotation that suits your requirements and Instruction needs.

As well as in the classic concepts of Airline, flexibility, effectiveness and low cost have a development space and this is the idea of our Training Organization.

Instruction, helping, support and empathy from professionals to professionals, from colleagues to colleagues at the lowest possible cost.

In order to offer the full possibility of these concepts, maintaining the technical quality at the required high levels, we have the following tools:


The main premises are located at Malaga-Spain, with flexibility to study another locations to organize courses in line with the operators and student’s needs, ensuring the necessary standards for any instruction.

Flexibility and Experience

A staff of highly experienced instructors and Examiners, all of them professionals in active Airlines, which enables flexible schedules and international geographic availability. Guaranteeing the updating of the technical information and the up-to-date of all the procedures in type rating courses, renewal of licenses or preparation for recruitment tests in any Airline worldwide.

Competitive prices

We use all the Simulator centres of global network Airbus and Boeing, which enables us to use these instruction tools at the most competitive price, searching and comparing the best agreements for our students. The international prices are significantly higher and the necessary geographical mobility -something that an aviation professional shouldn’t fear- we use it to optimize our prices for maximum profit.


Availability for self-financing or in collaboration with Banco Popular y Banco de Sabadell.