Type Rating Instructor course (TRI)

Course objectives

The objectives of this Course in order to obtain the Type Rating Instructor licence (TRI) for multi-pilot airplanes are:

To train the aspiring pilot, who will receive an integrated service which consists of theoretical teaching and flight simulator training in order to acquire the knowledge and abilities necessary to train another pilots in the safe operation of an airplane certified for more than one pilot, within an atmosphere of mutual cooperation among other crew members. Guaranteeing that the aspiring pilot will carry out safely and properly the normal, abnormal and emergency operations, knowing the limitations of the aircraft, its systems and performances.



  • ATPL (A)
  • 1.500 hours in multi-engine airplanes.
  • 30 sectors in the last 12 months in the Plane type (a maximum of 15 in Sim).
  • At least 3 hours in simulator in a complete course of HT as TRI under supervision.
  • To take a TRI course in an authorised ATO.

Training phases


  • 4 days (a maximum of 7 hours a day) between 8 and 17 LT. Gerenal program F.I.
  • Exam of 100 questions.


–  10 Hrs of specific instruction for type Airbus A320. Ground and simulator teaching techniques.


  • 10 Hrs in 2 Session of 5 hrs training skills and manouvers of teaching process.
  • Proficency check with  TRE.


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