MCC Course in A-320


The certificate of this course can be obtained as a document added to the type rating certificate, in particular, our ATO is authorised to be given together with the HT of A320 as well as with the HT of B757; however, it can also be given separately as an independent and isolated course.

Here we refer to the course in case it is given separately.

In order to apply for the course inside of a type rating one, ask for detailed information via mail or phone.

Course objectives

  • The MCC course (Multi Crew Cooperation Training) is the bridge that allows professional pilots to be used by an airline company to work in its multi-pilot aircraft fleets as a member in its crews.
  • The objective of this MCC course is the training of the communication abilities, decision-makings, teamwork and leadership.


  • PPL or CPL Pilot Licence of airplane + IR.
  • Preferable ATPL + ME theory.

Training phases


  • 25 hours in four days.


  • 20 hours in 5 sessions (10 hours as PF).
  • Airbus A320 Simulators will be used.

Contact and inscription

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