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Course objectives

  • The aspiring pilot will receive an integrated service, which consists of theoretical teaching, a flight simulator training and flight practicing, in order to acquire the knowledge and abilities necessary to operate safely an aircraft certified for more than one pilot, within an atmosphere of mutual cooperation among other crew members.
  • Guarantee that the aspiring pilot will carry out safely and properly the normal, abnormal and emergency operations, knowing the limitations of the aircraft, as well as its systems and performances.
  • To pass the level tests, exams and proficiency checks with the level required by the authority.


  • A-320 or A-330 rating.
  • A minimum of 150 flight hours in that type.
  • A minimum of 3 months of online operation in that type.
  • Preliminary interview with the HT for the suitability assessment.

Training phases


  • 3 days / 6 hours.
  • Exam (100 questions).


  • 3 sessions of 4 hours (6 PF hours).
  • 1 Skill check of 4 hours (2 PF hours).


  • 4 Landings. Duration: as long as necessary.

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